About The Subject Of Love

story by: Nicolenya Caltman
Written on Oct 12, 2017

“About the subject of love. You know? People have it all wrong. It isn’t about 
What one can bring you, or do for you. 

Love isn’t about being even or keeping score. It’s not even about respect…even respect; carries with it limitations.

It is all about inner strength. The inner strength to lose all pride and ego…and allow 
yourself to be completely, totally, and utterly…vulnerable. To allow the ripping
apart, the bleeding, the complete shedding of one’s skin…so that you are available
to submit to your partner. 

Submitting…it’s not a weakness. It is the ultimate in strength. When one submits, they are saying;” I am imperfect, you are imperfect. 

Your imperfection is beautiful to me and I choose to only love you.” There is no greater
strength. It is the ultimate in respect, reverence, adoration. There is no greater gift.”


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