On relationships

story by: Godfrey Georges
Written on Sep 10, 2017

Humans are designed to co-habitate, to love, raise children, and PERHAPS...stay together when they get old.  They stay together in old age because they need to support each other until death.  

There are so many beautiful people that want to be in a relationship but won't commit.  


Everything in life especially love, is risky.  You will hate, argue, you will cry and swear.  Yes....its true.  I say PERHAPS because your personal goals will change when you get older.  This is why older people leave, or they get separate beds, or some live in separate rooms in the same house!!!  

Believe it...love is messy!!!

But when it's our time to meet our maker, we will leave our LEGACIES.  Don't you want to be forever memorialized in someone's heart?  This is life...to live on even after we are long gone...someone will carry the dead on.

Guys, make your girl secure, girls, love your man, have children, grow old and live on forever.  May your descendants forever tell your tales.


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