story by: Tara Marie
Written on Jun 26, 2017

We are living in perilous times where more people want to stand up for the unjust than for order and structure.The world is in shambles with people standing up for disorder. while more and more chaos erupts from corner to corner. 
Trying to keep peace is of what seems to be of the distant past.  We all must come together bringing harmony to a lawless world.. Will the real heroes which are in you and me please take a stand and never fall in the wake of violence beyond our doorsteps? 
Instead in our neighborhoods we hear chanting in unison standing up for what is and always has been a travesty in the public arena. Hate is so rampant that you can’t even send your babies to school without the possibility of gunshots echoing thru the classroom. 
We all must want a different reality than what is in our face trickling down to our spirit. Because before we know it we will no longer have a choice of what we are able to stand for. The signs are all right here screaming mercy mercy let your hatred go and be turned inside out into love and acceptance freely before freedom is no longer an option. When the love of many will grow cold and will be non -existent. 


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