Dark love story part 7 (WARNING GORE)

story by: K Alexander
Written on May 04, 2017

I reached out and took his hand as we entered the cave it was then I noticed the candles everywhere. I wondered aloud about it but Alex ignored me and led on as I walked I noticed this wasn't a cave but a tunnel that led deeper and higher into the mountain. My heart fluttered as I watched all the candles flickered around us. I couldn't make sense of this Alex had always treated me like just a friend no we were following candlelight through a tunnel there was a bend and soon I could see light up ahead and I started hearing what sounded like whispers.

“Alex what's going on?” I stopped dead trying to free my hand from his gasp.
“It's you birthday surprise,” Alex replied pulling me forwards his grip feeling more like a vice.
“Let go,” I struggled to pull my hand free but Alex just laughed and led me into the big open space that now stood before us. A high ceiling that opened up to show the setting sun above the room was lit with more candles and stone pillars made the room seem impossibly large. The centre of the room had what looked like a stone casket like the olden ones you see in vampire movies. 

Horror leached through me and Alex couldn't move me this time. It was then I felt another hand reach for my empty right hand.

“Milo? What's going on? Alex is being weird, what is this place?” Tears rolled down my face as I recognised the person now holding my right hand. Milo's hand was sweaty and he didn't say a word but his eyes looked sad.
“Alex, Milo bring her forward,” A deep commanding voice made me look towards the centre of the room. I could see the family resemblance and I knew this person had to be Alex's Uncle.

“No, no please let me go I'm scared you win please stop,” I beg hoping this is some cruel joke as Alex and Milo drag me to the stone sarcophagus looking table. I try to kick and yank my hands out of their grasp but nothing works. 
“Shackle her down here,” Alex's uncle gesture to the table and I say nothing just scream as they lift me onto the table.
As Milo lifts my ankles I feel a cold sensation around my ankle. I ignore and keep failing at kicking him in the head as he places the leather straps on my ankles.

I look in Alex's eyes and he grins at me in a way I've never seen before dark and horrible and full of hate. I switch to Milo and find he wont look at me and keeps shifting his weight.
“Milo please help me!” I scream and then my voice stop. I can feel myself screaming but it was like someone had switched mute and I wondered for a second if I had gone deaf.

“Oh knock it off already. Can't you tell this is all useless?” Alex chuckles. I go still and stare.
“Sunset is coming so I'll keep this brief but thank you for your sacrifice youngling,” Alex's uncle smiles and steps towards me a rusted looking knife held above his head. My world shifts then and I'm suddenly standing next to the altar. I can see myself still on it so I'm confused. In my shock I watch on as Alex's uncle slice's through my chest cracking my ribs and carves out my heart. I was so shocked I just watched on, I hear a voice whispering to me then.

“I'm so sorry Kayla. I can't let them hurt you but this is all I can do don't worry your safe.” I can't reply or respond or even move so I listen. “Don't worry your hidden Alex and George can't see you, I swapped you out with Sarah,” That tells me it's Milo as I recognise Alex's uncles name that I usually forget.
“I will explain all soon but for now watch and learn,” Milo's voice goes silent.

Alex took Sarah's heart in his hands literally and started to eat it.
“With this gift I give to you the powers of the host,” George said raising his hands as Alex ate the raw heart in his hands, I would have thrown up if I could move but I felt a cold win rush through the strange room as all the candles blew out and Alex smiled in triumph Sarah's blood coating his chin I tried to wake myself then but as what was Sarah's but looked like my body stared blankly at the ceiling and George beamed proudly at his nephew I knew I was well and truly screwed.


Tags: depressing, confused, fear,


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