My Brilliant Mind

story by: Daniel Miltz
Written on Jan 16, 2017

My Brilliant Mind

May 09, 2016 • By daniel miltz 


First of all, I want to describe to you the comparison of my brilliant mind versus my pretentious mind:

I was born with an interesting condition known as Overactive Imagination.

I feel like I have a ''super mind'' that has wisdom and higher intelligence that tells me from experience and intuition, that my super thinking is further entrenched. I am brilliant in my own way. I use my ''crackerjack mind'' to discipline my rapscallion mind so that I can get things done and think in a precise manner. What's really great is that I get relaxed at the same time. This gives me energy and makes me feel better about life in general. The more I practice it, the stronger I get at it. Those particular mornings when I wake up full of gratitude and optimism, I find that my mind is open for creative juices to flow and allow me to enter vast new realms.

My body is overwhelmingly healthy. My mind is brilliant, and my soul is tranquil. My mind works like lightning, one brilliant flash and it's gone ----I love to light up my brain along with my overzealous imaginativeness.

I think literally all the time. My mind is constantly preoccupied with random thoughts and this often takes me out of the moment. It sometimes makes me over-analyze, but as I get older and wiser, everything seems to make more sense.

I feel like having an active imagination is a blessing I know I'm about to drift off, inventing my own weird and wonderful meanings for things, My inner world of thought is always running wild and I also come up with the craziest scenarios in my head. A DAYDREAMER! A lovely quality in my opinion :) perhaps the only downfall is to explore everyday events and mind works, with my gut feeling and I enjoy it! It helps me when writing creatively. I want to stay in bed all day and imagine things. I will start daydreaming, for a bursting brainwave of inspiration. So, I hold on to it, polish it, and learn to control it. I stare at the clouds and let my mind wander.

MY PRETENTIOUS MIND overstates style, value and opinions. My opinion is gospel and I give out that opinion a lot. My way is always better.

I spend my time imagining possible consequences. There are times when a motive will collide inside of my mind, holding me hostage, where I sit and wallow underneath its shadow. AND...





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