My First Dance And Kiss

story by: Daniel Miltz
Written on Jan 04, 2017

My First Dance And Kiss

Jan 3, 2017 • By daniel miltz 

MY FIRST DANCE. I still have pleasant memories, at the thought, that this girl in school liked me.Teenagers in the 1950s were so iconic that, for some, they represent the last generation of innocence before it was "lost" in the sixties. When asked to imagine this lost group, images of bobbysoxers, letterman jackets, malt shops and sock hops come instantly to my mind.

I combed my hair into a pompadour and ducktail with plenty of vaseline. I turned my collar up and shined my shoes, till I saw my face in the sheen. After that, I blew a few kisses in the mirror, and I proceeded out of my house and went to my first school dance. Outside, I paused and looked up. Framed by the silhouettes of tree branches, the full moon soared high and free in the cool night breeze. Never before had I seen a moon so blue. I simply was gaga, for I knew that this was to be one of the milestone events of my life. My heart began to accelerate. It boomed in my chest like a drummer pounding away on his drums. I felt as if I had been given a pint of Adrenaline. I'm dancing on the sidewalks, by myself, daydreaming of what I'm going to be doing at the dance. I took deep breaths, almost hyperventilating, as I readied myself for the evening's task, singing, drum-beating, and promenading along the way.

Once at the school, I entered the gym, where the dance is taking place. I noticed a bunch of girls, were all lined up by the wall laughing and giggling. I was looking for Gloria, the girl that I had a crush on. Apparently, nowhere in sight. ''Growing up we are always trying to get a girlfriend that we can show off to the guys. A beautiful girl is just the thing to make all the guys envious of you. Right?''

I went to the punch bowl and made myself a drink and toasted everyone with a loud shout of 'Na zdorovia.' I wasn't shy! After slugging down a cup of Hawaiian Punch from the table-- I was able to observe, the graphic motion on the dance floor, hoping that I might learn a few things at first. It all seemed wild, so savage, like some ancient war dance around a bonfire. I could picture myself doing it. Yet, I watched intently, for a few minutes. I stood quietly with my thoughts, passively observing. Although no one in the school knew it, this was a statement of great seriousness and significance to me. Up to that time, I had not danced a single step -- at least, not with a real, live girl.

Over in the distance, I see Jay (a friend of mine) approaching me. "Eh, Danny! You are going rock out tonight or what?" I respond with a "Yah Daddy-O, Cool!" At that moment, I was beginning to feel restless. I knew that I should be out there with the rest of the kids, dancing. Just then, another record went on. It was Bill Haley and His Comets. All at once, everybody got onto the floor, started to twist and shout. Only a minority of wallflowers, remained seated.

I went to the dance floor and started 'hippety-hopping' with any girl, I could acknowledge. Later on, after prancing and skedaddling madly around the middle and perimeter of the floor, shaking both my arms and legs, all together, while jumping up and down, gyrating to the rhythm of the music; I had girls following me with every move. While boys were staring with wild eyes, horrified by my bizarre boog·y·ing, the audience seemed captivated. I was clicking my heels and snapping my fingers to the beat of 'Shake, Rattle and Roll.'

MY FIRST KISS. After a bit, I cooled my heels. I'm sitting with some girls by a window to get regained composure; I look over yonder. Out of the Blue, I see Gloria. She ended up getting here really late. In a matter of minutes, they are about to play the first slow song. So, I walked over, said 'Hi' and asked her to dance. She said yes. Right away, I find myself putting my arms around her shoulders. She puts her hands on my waist. We walk out to a spot on the crowded floor. We started to dance. For myself, I use the term, "dance," loosely. Gloria's style was simple, yet graceful and well-defined. My style is Questionable?? I repeatedly step on other people's feet. Slow dancing was harder than my 'whirligig' hot-footing? After about five minutes, the slow moving song ended; I braced myself. We pitapatted over to the punch bowl for a drink. I'm looking at Gloria, saying to myself: 'What a beautiful girl she is!' By now, I'm trying to figure out in my 14 year old mind, when the time is righted to kiss a girl (it can be confusing).

As I waited for us to finish our drink, I remember at that point, what I always used to say, "When I'm in disbelief, call upon God." Somehow, at that point, God is real to me. In those days, I had fully interactive conversations with Him (thanks to my Catholic upbringing).

With my head raised, I gaze at the patterns of colored lights on the ceiling. "What should I do now, God?"


"So what kind of answer is that?" I thought to myself.

THEN, after a minute or two, another answer comes to me, through 'Divine Intervention.' DANIEL MY SON, maybe you're unsure if she sees you as just a friend, or maybe you just don't know if she's ready to kiss. If you want to take another step as a soul mate, you need to let her know that you are interested in her as more than just a friend. Initiating a kiss is a direct signal that you want to pursue her. Build chemistry and send her the right body language for that first kiss.


So, Gloria and I saunter over to the side of the room dancing, and I softly said: 'I would love to kiss you.' She said she couldn't right now because she has gum in her mouth. We stopped dancing, she went somewhere to spit it out, then came back. The song was still on and we resumed to 'slow dance our heels.' While moving nonchalantly about on the dance stage, she asked me-- if I am going kiss her. I nodded in my boyish manner. We ended up kissing for like three minutes while in one's clutches. It was like there was no particular technique required. All you had to do was sway with the music, hold each other close and kiss. How I longed to do that. When the present song ended; I opened up my eyes and braced myself. Holy cow, it looked like everyone was making out on the dance floor.

She held my hand for the rest of the night.

Afterwards, I gave my 13 year old girlfriend-- a stainless steel chain with a St. Christopher engraved pendant, that was around my neck. Without hesitation, we started going steady, for how long? I can't remember!

At every social event, there are a thousand stories. THIS IS MY STORY from that night!


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Happy, wishful, a little bit to deep?


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