A Christmas tale - Malaysian style

story by: Geoffrey Brewer
Written on Dec 24, 2016

So you see lah! dese three big noise fellas come long last time from outstation to Judea (dis now got Israel - dunno how dey got visa already. We cannot.
Dey pretty dam clever fellas also high class - got top degrees, not cheap stuff from Pakistan. Dey know go which way. No sat nav, but got big star like sign post on North South highway.

So dey come wofore lah? You ask so I tell. Dey  lookin for de new King; not jus Sultan; dis a super-king - big Agong one ah!
Dey askin "Where got new Agong lah? " An dey gettin answer: "You dam crazy stupid one ah! Enough got one king an he don't want no takeover"
So dey get on dere camels an follow big star again.

Pretty soon star stop over big Atap animal godown. Dey think: "Dis not for Agong, like  Hilton with master bateroom, sweet bathrom an free breakfast; but dey decide go look-see.
Inside all dark an smelly (what you expect with cows an sheep an goats lah!) 
Two of clever fellas go careful to small light in corner. Third one not so careful an step on big rake.  
Dis sure not clever - rake stick in foot an handle swing up - hit him on nose. Not so clever fella shout: "Ayeaaa! Jesus Christ!!" 

All go quiet. Animals stop moo, baa, chew, grunt, fart an you can hear a chopstick drop. Den small voice in corner say "Dat's a good name lah! Maybe we not call him "Mohammed"


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Cecilia Crasto commented:
Very clever indeed, enjoyed the humor, thanks for giving us something to laugh about!
Geoffrey Brewer commented:
Cecilia, thank you for all of your kind and flattering comments. Happy New Year to you.


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