The Cool Street Dogs of Ipoh

story by: Geoffrey Brewer
Written on Oct 15, 2016

The street dogs of Ipoh, Malaysia, in contrast to the owned pets, are the coolest and hippest of animals. They stroll around, never hurried, in their own good time. If a vehicle approaches, they will move, but no more than is necessary, and when they are ready. They own the street.

Encounter between motorist and street dog.
Dog: I'm jest trukin on down the road.
[Stops in middle of road and proceeds to scratch every body part known to man or dog, plus some others]
[motorist sounds car horn]
Dog: Hey did I hear a horn playing? Cool!
Motorist: That was my motor horn.
Dog: Yo! man. You play professional?
Motorist: It was to tell you I am here in my car on the road right behind you.
Dog: Yea man. Like everyone's got to be somewhere.
Motorist: Could you please get out of my way? I have an important meeting to get to.
Dog: Yea Dude. An' I got some important scratchin to do.
Motorist: For f*** sake just move your doggie arse you son of a bitch!
Dog: Woa! Leave my old lady out of this; an' my canine ass is just fine where it is. You better cool it baby or you gonna get yourself  myocardial infarction.    
[Moves one leg sufficient to allow car through]
Alright now hit the pedal.
Peace! Man
Motorist: I could have saved ten minutes if you hadn't been blocking the road. Dog: And just what would you have done with that ten minutes? 
[to self] Am I a philosopher or what! Jean Paul Sartre, eat your heart out.   


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