A Better Person

story by: Jay Shades
Written on Oct 11, 2016

You spur me on to be a better person.
You dont know because we aint allowed to talk.
I find a state of harmony in knowing , you made me a greater individual.
Gave me just enough desire to freefall into a dimension, where my brain doesnt restrict me .
Where i aint limited to what i think i can do.
In order to re-invent myself i had to be taken away , to a place of seclusion.
My movements restricted , not permitted to go certain places. 
My own kindred feeling worse off to the whole situation.
I will never again react to a situation that never deserved the recognition i gave it .
Thank you for it all.
Thank you for the focus and determination.
The patience and observation. 
So watch on as this is only the beginning . 


Tags: love, inspirational, deep, encouraging, hope,

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Cecilia Crasto commented:
Profound words indeed, we are all seeking a purpose in life...well written poem.
Jay Shades commented:
Thank you .


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