In Loving Memory....

story by: Deborrah Ann Stenberg
Written on Feb 19, 2013

My father, Herbert Frank Stenberg, was a devoted husband, a loving Father, a gem of a grandfather, and a very dear friend to me. He was dedicated to his family and kind to his friends. He always said yes to helping. He shared most of his time with all the people he loved, and most important he was good to his wife. Spending many days with playful attention---his grandchildren loved him so dearly.
He was a generous person, so easy to please, and asked for so little in return.  All this energy I was used to for years, I was surprised to see him slow down. I knew that something didn’t seem quite right.  He soon became very ill.

He struggled and fought to stay with us, but unfortunately, there weren’t any answers or solutions to be found. I tearfully looked at my father towards the end of his life, and needed to say,“Dad, you don’t deserve to be sick anymore. You’re free to go home and not worry about us.  God will raise you up in his loving care. You’ll no longer suffer such unbearable pain.  Everything will be okay.  You served your time with your family and friends and we so much want you to be here, but that constant sadness and pain, and fear in your eyes, tells us it’s time to release
you.  His hands were tired and failing.  

He could no longer reach out to help. His words used to be stern but loving with a voice only calm and weak. He looks at me with tenderness. He said he will miss us and knows we’ll miss him the same. He’s very sorry that his life has been shortened. He will always be grateful for his devoted time on Earth and for spending every precious moment with everyone who loved him. He thanked me for giving him two beautiful grandchildren. He hopes I share stories to remember their papa. I promised to him that I would.  Conversation became distant. I knew he was leaving. 

As I remember he quietly whispered, “I love you all so very 
Much, but it’s for me to say good bye.  There’s a beautiful light now waiting for me. Someday when you seem so lonely and sad, I promise I’ll send you a smile.  I won’t forget you.  You won’t forget me. When it’s your time to come and be with me, I will take that journey to greet you. We can enjoy those walks as we did on Earth. Heaven will have other places to conquer." My father took one last breath and closed his eyes. Our family and friends lost a very dear man, someone we’ll never forget.  I will honor and treasure all the things that he did, and I will cherish his memory for the rest of my life. Each photograph I have highlights his meaning and his kindness will remain in my heart. I will hold that laughter and do my best to let go of the tears.  Just have a great, big appreciative smile on my face and remember the good old days with my dad.



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Juana Gallegos commented:
Your heart comes across the page. Well done


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