this story

story by: Melissa Blan
Written on May 26, 2016

This is a story bout a Lil girl..
Who fell for a boy..
He made her happy..
He made her heart beat once more..
She fell so deeply in love with him..
Every time see looked at him her mind would go blank and her heart would beat faster..
Yet as she looked at him..
He would look away and think of someone else..
But Every time she came back to reality..
She would over think..
It drove the boy insane that she over thought..
Cause he knew that if she did..
She would find out his secret..
So he feed her lies..
And she was to in love to notice..
That those lies turn to glass that cut her throat and filled her mouth with blood..
Again she didn't notice as she was use to a bleedy mouth by lies cutting her throat..
Till one day the boy left..
And everything became clear..
All those lies..
All those cuts..
All those things he made her believe..
Yet its to late..
Cause now she bleeding on the floor..
Without a breath left in her..
And yet her last words were still..
"I love you"....




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