Somewhere over the rainbow.. A small story from the dus

story by: Jude Kyrie
Written on Mar 22, 2016

Somewhere over the rainbow...A 9/11 story
He sat next to me in Junior school
when I was just a little girl.
Always so sweet to me
I really liked him…
well ….
no much more than that.

At middle school 
he carried my books
home from school.
we became best friend's.

At high school
I gave him my pin
he gave me
his friendship ring.
he was my date
for the prom.

we both went away 
to college together.
I was lonely and slipped 
into his bed he held me safe.
we broke the chains of friendship.
And he became my lover.
my one and only lover.

We married young.
Our  parents were
not surprised.
They were expecting it.

we have three kids now
two girls and a boy.
Our son looks just like him.
when we first met
so long ago.

September 10 2001
He came home from work
just like any other day.
Put burgers on the barbeque.
We got the kids to bed
had a glass of wine.
And went to bed at Ten.
He wanted me 
but I was exhausted
the kids had been terrors all day.

September 11 2001

he left early for work
with a cheek kiss
and a see you later Honey.
The kids went to school
I poured a coffee
the phone rang it was my 
best friend.
Have you seen the news
she said.?
I put on the TV.
the towers fell to ashes
as did my life at that moment.
No tears came 
All I could think was
I wish 
I had made love to him last night.

September 11 2015
The kids are all grown now.
he would be so proud of them.
Our son looks just like him.
We all stand 
at ground zero
and say a prayer.
I whisper 
it was you honey
always you.
He answered me.
At that moment
a huge arc of a rainbow
circled the sky over NewYork.
And I know for sure.
It was for me.

Small story from the dust of a larger one.


Tags: sad, love, pain, imagery, wishful,

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Roxanne Dubarry commented:
This is your life, Jude Kyrie! Thanks for the close captions of it!
A previous user commented:
beautiful one


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