Too young to know ..a love story from Nehw York

story by: Jude Kyrie
Written on Mar 21, 2016

To young to know.....a love story of New york
He was too young for me.
I should have just walked away.
But God is no so kind to divorcees
close to the age of forty with a 
lot of dissolutionment with urban life.
My husband cheated on me
with his secretary.
Tell me you haven't 
heard that before.
I met him at a family get together.
a BBQ with awful food 
and cheap wine.
it was his youth I think
it glowed like freedom.
All the emotions yet to happen.
not all those that had already been.
He dumped his girlfriend 
when he saw me.
I don't know why
she was pretty and perky
and so very young.
not like me at all.
He caught me looking at him
but I did not release my gaze.
That was cruel he was a just a boy
I found out later he was Twenty two
he gave me all I needed at that time.
All the things my rat bastard husband
had never given to me.
I admit I used him for his beauty
and his life that shone from him.
But I did not know 
I was falling in love with him.
he stripped me with his eyes or smile.
I could not wait to undress for him.
My mother so wise 
said let him go honey.
but I didn't.
He moved in to my urban nest.
the few hundred square feet
that was mine where the world ended.
I was miffed he did not have a job like I did.
that he sat around playing Nintendo all day.
But then he kissed me
and said I love you baby.
and I melted for him.
I got angry when he was drinking
with his friends.
in my apartment
when i got home from a hard day
and I threw him out.
I told him he was never going to be what 
I needed he was too young.
He moved into his buddy's place.
and called nme ten times a night
Then I saw him again
it was in the local delli
I moved a can of caviar
and he was buying steaks
on the other side.
I took him home to my place
undressed as usual 
he would not wear his condom.
He said I want you to have our baby.
I wish he had just fucked me.
All of a sudden
I saw his vulnerability
his youth his inexperience.
I knew it was a trap for him.
A trap I could not set.
so I opened the cage
the door left wide open.
and he flew out into 
the wild rarified air
above the mountains.

a year later

The night was cold
snowfall had covered the old tired
grey streets of new York.
I was with a group of old friends.
Still single in the resteraunt
where we aways met.
he was walking by and 
used his sweet warm breath
to melt the ice from the window.
he was looking at me.
I stopped mid sentence.
I thought I saw tears
in his eyes.
but they might have been in mine.
as the frost regained control
and he walked away 
into the winter night


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