What you Be, you Do, and what you Do, you Have.

story by: Greg Woods
Written on Dec 28, 2013

He entered the room, more like a glowing cave. A soft comfortable glow. The temperature was comfortable. He felt relaxed and detached but more in control than ever. The walls of the cave were littered with dully glowing pink crystals and multi-coloured gems in their natural state. He felt wonderfully calm. Their was an elderly man in a long soft blue gown, seated on a throne.
"Who are you?" he asked, and the old man replied, "I am he whom you have created to speak with". Then he saw laughing mocking faces, angry faces, jealous faces, beltings, violence, tortures, blood, humiliation and in the middle of all this the cave disappeared along with the comforts and the old man.
He was once again in his earth home, with all the problems and aches and pains and debts. He thought about the cave and the old man and the wonderful feeling of having tasted the nectar of life. Was he going mad? f so, why did it feel so good and why did his REAL world seem so mad, with all the problems and troubles. He sat quietly and thought again and once more entered the cave of beauty and comfort.
The old man was there. " I'm glad you know how to re-create this," he said. " It's important we talk." Again came the humiliating faces of violence and mockery, and a feeling that he didn't deserve beauty and responsibility. Once more he was back in the REAL world of newspapers and poverty, a combination of every mans universe. The insane, sane, sick, healthy, poor and rich, happy and sad, like the ingredients of a huge cake. The end result being a culmination of all ingredients. 
He thought again of his other world of beauty and once again entered the cave. This time it seemed a little more real and very soothing. He turned to the old man and asked," what are the fleeting pictures of humiliation and mockery every time I enter here?" The old man replied,  "That is the conditioning of disbelief and invalidation of your power to create in your own universe. As soon as you feel comfortable here, this condition of disbelief flashes. It's only a split second but enough to jolt you back into the world of all creations, good and bad. A world where you agree to be the effect. This fleeting second of disbelief is known as doubt. It's like the braking system of a locomotive. 
What you are seeing here now, you are creating in your own universe. However if you have been conditioned against this belief, doubt will creep in and the brakes will come on only allowing you to travel at the speed you are conditioned to. Some poor people have come to a dead stop, with all brakes seized. The total effect of all universes put together. Every mans universe seems to affect them and they just sit there with the brakes on blaming others for their downfall, and thanking the good Lord for anything that goes right for them. Not even knowing that they are a part of the whole and have the ability to contribute with abundance, and experience the beauty or not so beauty as their own creation. Also sharing this beauty directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly with others, for after all, it is a part of the whole.
If you doubt yourself as creator of your own universe, then you just create at random, uncontrolled creations, and have no idea of responsibility for it. And so we have good luck and bad luck instead of responsibility. When we are young we feel responsibility for all going on around us because we know we are creating or contributing to it. We may feel guilt. If we own up to it, or our part in it, we are told, its not your fault, or mind your business, who do you think you are, or simply laughed at and told to go away. This can, at the time seem like a relief because we know we did create the effect and it is now being attributed to another cause. We lose respect for intelligence of the adults in power over us, or their honesty, and learn that we can create certain effects without having to take responsibility. At first it seems good, but it is a gradient of lessening responsibility, and we pass on the same favours to our children. Saving them the embarrassment of responsibility, until we are total effect of the universe created by the whole, and no longer recognise we can create beauty or goodness in our own universe, which flows into the whole.
The latent ethics of the being will not allow him to take responsibility for creating beauty if he has shunned responsibility for creating things not so beauty. Taking responsibility is knowing, it is not blaming. It is not anybody's fault. It is knowing and changing if necessary to create in a better way.
Some people can be so thoroughly conditioned, and they need to take responsibility for this too, as they let it happen for one reason or another, that they forget their true potential. Blame causes forgetfulness. So it's a catch. The only way out is calm responsibility on a gradient by looking and repairing in your own universe.
I allow you to be responsible for all you wish, I believe you have created thus far. I believe you have created all the bad things you tried to take responsibility for initially. I believe you created all the good things you felt you didn't deserve the right to claim.
Allow yourself to be responsible for all thus far, and allow yourself to take responsibility for creating into the future. Understand that others may not be up to this but do not follow their conditioned lead, unless you want to be the effect of the whole, which can be quite scary and painful.
Know what you are and know what it is that you contribute to the whole. Repair it to its optimum value and worth. Do not feel guilt but take responsibility for bad points repair them for the present and future. I think you would be astonished to see how often you have blamed for probably almost every moment and happening in your day to day life. This is simply giving away your power of creation and causing forgetfulness. You probably even blamed somebody else for being born.
In fact you are creating every moment with the ingredients you put into your own universe. You don't have to keep the same old recipe if you are not happy with the cake. You can change and improve it as you wish.'
He thanked the old man for speaking and the old man replied, " you're welcome, I am simply part of what you have created in your own universe."
He looked around at the universe created by the whole, containing creations of many natures, good and bad. He felt comfortably well fed, but not on food, more like honey nectar. He felt more in control and he began contemplating how he could live out the magic of his own universe while contributing in a good way to the universe created by the whole.




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Chanelle Nackmen commented:
Very insightful! We are creating all our individual universes and we forget sometimes we change and our "universe" have to change with us, otherwise we will lose hope in our "universe."
Peter Duggan commented:
I found this story to be very enlightening and filled with truth. I enjoyed every word of it, my friend...peter
Michael Haile commented:
Hello Greg, now that is a whole lot of thinking you have going on.:-] I like that...Thank you for the words...Michael


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