Distant Friends

publication by: Jay Shades
Written on Oct 22, 2016

You cant make the effort no ? 
It as easy for you to pick up the phone and call me ,as it is for me to call you. 
Friendships a two way lane not one.
I know theres a priority list to most people.
Daily struggles of life will always occur .
You can hashtag your life away but cant send me a message by text .
You cant contact me via any of my social media . 
Yet your always online .
I know as friends we all have our lives to get on with . 
Real talk more of an effort could be brought forward .
You wont know how far am progressing .
You wont know how far i have come .
You wont know how far am willing to go to make it to my destination.



Tags: anger, inspirational, deep, wishful,

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Lakiesha Cole commented:
This speaks the truth! Enjoyed reading this.
Jay Shades commented:
Thank you . I was in a place where i had to vent


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