Traditional Feminism v. Modern Feminism

publication by: Trevor Cartwright
Written on Jul 12, 2012

     I have been reading a book entitled "The Kind of Man Every Man Should Be" by Kevin McCullough with some friends of mine. It is a great book that centers in on the point of reclaiming masculinity in America. Have you noticed the blending of the genders? Maybe we should call it "The Gender Blender" lol. There has been an intriguing sociological phenomenon occurring for the last half century or so- men are becoming women and vice versa!

This may seem obscure, but take a look around. Observe everything from clothing choice to mannerisms. The line dividing the genders is now faded at worst and blurry at best. The law of causality states that every effect must have a cause, so what was the cause of this effect?

Here is where we uncover the core of the issue that McCullough eloquently describes in his book: Traditional feminism is vastly different from Modern Feminism.The former developed in the late 1800's through the early 1900's. It was a movement that sought for women to be treated as equal to men. Such political issues included women's suffrage, equal pay, equal employment opportunities, etc. A hero in this movement was Susan B. Anthony. She was probably the leading figure in demanding women's suffrage.

I am an ardent supporter of Traditional feminism. Women certainly are equal to men. Why should a man and a woman work an identical job and get payed differently with the only determining factor being gender? Although I may technically be able to call myself a feminist, I apprehensively do so because people might confuse with my views with "the other" feminism.

This other feminism is modern Feminism. It developed was during the 1960's. The core philosophy was anti-God, anti-authority, anti- just about everything! The core philosophy of the "hippie movement" was hedonism ("If it feels good then do it). Because of this, Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood, "the pill" was developed (I am not against birth control. The pill represented sexual liberation for women), women dressed less (flappers), etc. The warped mentality that was spawned during this significant decade has not dissipated, it has flourished! The notion that emerged from this decade is what is killing this country. It is the critical difference between these two feminism:

Whereas Traditional Feminism teaches that men and women are equal, Modern Feminism teaches that men and women are the same.
Regardless of your worldview, consider the anatomical differences between the two genders. Here is a site documenting 10 differences between males and females in brain anatomy- Plus, men have 50% more upper-body strength than women!

The differences between the genders cannot be limited to sociological "gender roles" and "societal oppression" on women as the modern feminists vainly propose. Men need to reclaim their masculinity and not succumb to the media's distorted images of "men." Since this topic deviates from, the point, I will cover the topic of defining a "real man" upon request. What are your thoughts on the issue?




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