America: Land of the Hedonists

publication by: Trevor Cartwright
Written on Jul 04, 2012

Man, what happened to our culture? I have been observing and evaluating our culture for the past few days and I can say that I am not too happy. We used to be so strong and ambitious. Now what are we? We are a bunch of fools living off of the hard work of our ancestors. Turn on a channel like MTV and try to disagree with me- I dare you. Rather than rant, I want to list a few specific principles that have vanished. The following principles are what our country's success was built off of. If we continue to drift away from them, pour country will be doomed.

    God- All good stems from God. Our founding fathers believed in God and His goodness. It was considered obvious that God existed. Now we are surrounded by those who do not believe (or rather do not want to believe) in God. Because of this, any sort of external standard is considered non-existent and it renders righteousness moot. It promotes a sort of utilitarianism that allows each man to do what benefits himself.
    Wisdom- Wisdom supersedes knowledge and intelligence. You can be a smart guy and still be a crook. Wisdom dovetails so beautifully with goodness. You may be able to make a logical decision, but that does not necessarily mean that you can make the "right" decision. Godly wisdom is the glue that has held this country together.
    Character-People seek to be the best in all fields. Athletes want to be the fastest and strongest. Figfhters want to be the toughest. Intellectuals want to be the smartest. Artists want to be the most creative. These feats are so miniscule compared to the acquistion of excellent character. The people that I admire the most are those whose character is solid. This country is nothing without such people.
    Sacrifice- So many people these days want to benefit themselves and neglect others. What happened to being there for others? For sacrifice? If you are the man in your family, you had better be willing to make a sacrifice to protect your family. Why can't we all just sacrifice a little to help the poor?
    Ambition- This is the core of capitalism. As Wayne Allyn Root says, be relentless! Do not let others talk down to you! Achieve your goals! I wish you the best in doing so. 

These are just a few principles that I firmly believe that we need to revive. Start today! Live a life that exemplifies these principles. As Mohandas Gandhi once said- "You need to be the change you want to see in the world." Perhaps we can change our dismal fate. 




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