End the Fed Review

publication by: Trevor Cartwright
Written on Jul 01, 2012

Book Review: "End the Fed" by Ron Paul
I just finished "End the Fed" by Ron Paul. I believe that this book needs to be on every American's reading list. Libertarians, Democrats, Republicans, and every other freedom-loving party should endorse this book. Let's find out why:

Dr. paul discusses the problems with the Federal Reserve system and why it is destroying our country. I plan on writing an entire post dedicated to the inherent flaws of the Fed later, but for now, we will focus on what Dr. Paul wrote and how well he wrote it.

"End the Fed" has a beautiful balance of writing styles; it is both academic and passionate. I have ready many political books that are very substantial, but entirely boring. I have also read not a few political books that are passionate, but "fluffy." By "fluffy" I mean non-substantial; they only rant, they do not present facts or solutions. Both the meticulous scholar and the passionate activist could enjoy this book.

"End the Fed" is a perfect length, and it is very affordable. It is not unnecessarily long, and its arguments are well-grounded and adequate. That should be the ultimate goal of any political book- succinctness. I bought the book for $15.00. That hopefully will not break anybody.

As for the content, it is beyong worthwhile, it is essential. "End the Fed" has fully convinced me that "we the people" are ignorant on what the Fed is, how it works, the power it has, the secrecy it has, and the potential dangers of bad financial planning. Admittedly, I was far more ignorant than I realized when I started reading "End the Fed." Not only has it enlightened me on the purpose and history of the Fed, it has stimulated my interest (or rather lack of) in Economics. Most importantly- it proved to me that a proper economic system is essential for true liberty.

I encourage all of the readers of my blog (which I could probably count on one hand lol) to pick this book up. If you decide not to, at least research the Federal Reserve on the internet. Learn more about its origins, purposes, secrecy, and power. Our country's future depends on it!

My rating- 10/10 




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