Who Am I?

poem by: Ladarius Brown
Written on Feb 06, 2013

I'm not who I used to be...
No matter how much I try, i go a step backwards..
i don't understand why i feel as if I'm losing my mind.
These insecurities i have cause me to feel like I'm the one to blame
Am i a failure? Am i a hero? or Am i a dreamer?
These thoughts swim through my head like fish in the sea , but are they as clueless as me.
I don't know why I'm so down on myself....maybe i need someone to lift me up..
This downward spiral is sucking me in and making me feel lifeless.
What you're reading is what I've become....a tragic hero..

"Who Am I?"
By: Ladarius Brown 


Tags: sad, metaphor, depressing, confused, dark,

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Annie Kirby commented:
Why do we only see our faults and never what is good in us? We look in the mirror and pick ourselves apart. If we could only see ourselves the way our love one's do and know that we are beautiful and worthy. Beautifully sad, powerful poem!
Wendy Phelan commented:
A beautiful, honest poem. I relate to being in the darkness of depression and reading this realised we are our worst critics. Annie says it all really. Take care of yourself, you are worthy, you are loved.


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