We Promise

poem by: Rick Wheeler
Written on Nov 17, 2014

  -------We Promise
We walked into your room tonight and you were fast asleep.
We held hands and said aloud, a promise we will keep.
If you should cry because you're hurt from a fall you'll surely take.
One of us will pick you up and kiss the hurt away.
If there's a time when you're afraid, of nothing you should fear,
You'll hear us call "It's O. K. Mom and Dad are here".
When you are ill and cannot rest, and toss and turn at night,
One of us will hold you close and sing a lullaby.
These are things that we will do, because we love you so.
The hardest thing we'll have to do, is let our baby go.
If ever you find the world out there, has cast you to the wind.
You'll always have a place to come..... to be a child again.
  We Promise!					© Rick Wheeler


Tags: sad, love, inspirational, hope,

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ann parks commented:
Without this kind of love and acceptance, a child will never be all they can be.....I wish your family every hapiness ann
wanda Sheldrick commented:
very nicely written
betty redd commented:
I like this poem you wrote Rick reminds me when all three of my children were little. I only have a son and one daughter left on this earth. They are the greatest treasure that I have. keep writing your words are real and full of love.
Cecilia Crasto commented:
As parents we have to let go with open hands, and if we've prepared them to face life without us, we've done a good job...well written.


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