Henry and Molly

poem by: Rick Wheeler
Written on Nov 17, 2014

Henry and Molly ---------------
I started out on a walk one day when the air was cold and the sky was gray.
I guess I got a mile or two, then had to stop and tie my shoe.
There on a bench as I cinched my lace was a kind old man with a haunting face.
He greeted me, and seemed quite cheery, I thought that odd for a day so dreary.
When I asked what made him so, he mused a bit then replied, "don't you know".

With that he invited me to sit, he said he'd like to chat a bit.
I sat down and gave my name, he shook my hand and did the same.
He pointed to a woman a short distance away who was old and bent and walking our way.
"That's my Molly", he said to me "that beautiful blond with eyes of green".
"She's steppin' lively and steppin' high, bet she'll be wantin' to dance tonight".

There was but one headed our way, the Molly I saw was using a cane.
He must have noticed the look I had, as he patted my knee and said "excuse me lad".
Perhaps if you had the use of these, you might see the same as me.
I took the glasses from his hand, and said I'm not sure I understand.
"Go ahead put 'em on, won't take a minute, then I'll be gone".

As I slipped the glasses over my eyes there stood a young lady to my surprise.
"Hi, I'm Molly", she said to me. My mouth gaped open in disbelief.
"I see you've met my Henry", said she, "Yes; yes, but may I buy these please".
"Oh no, no there is no fee for something we've received for free".
A warming breeze gently blew, the graying skies had turned to blue.

I was filled with questions "how can this be"? "Things that aren't yet still I see"
How often do you wear these I implored, "Oh, I don't use them anymore".
You may have them as a gift from us, Molly squeezed my hand and said "good luck".
They held hands as they walked away, I'm sure we'll see you another day".
"We hope you find what we've always known, when we fell in love years ago".
"The glasses are only to help you start, to see the world through a loving heart".
Copyright Rick Wheeler



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wanda Sheldrick commented:
I love your poem
Rick Wheeler commented:
Thank you Wanda, I glad you enjoyed my work
ann parks commented:
How lovely ! Thanks so much Rick...puts me in mind of "love is not love that changeth where it alteration finds" hope I've not misquoted shakespeare but you know the one....thanks for your encouraging comments. Ann


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