If I Had Known

poem by: Rick Wheeler
Written on Oct 16, 2014

----- If I Had Known ---
Sometimes at night I toss and turn
And cannot get to sleep.
I think of you and days gone by,
Then silently I weep.
If I had known when last we spoke,
Would be the last I heard,
I'd have stayed another day 
And cherished every word.
If I had known the trip we planned,
Would never come to pass,
I'd have taken time from work
And made those memories last.
If I had known that smile you gave,
When last you held my hand,
Would have to last forever
Or till Heaven lets me in.
If I had known....... If only I had known.
			©Rick Wheeler


Tags: sad, love, faith, deep,

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ann parks commented:
absolutley brilliant ....thanks ann
Michael Haile commented:
Hello Rick, so sad, written Soooooo very nice........Michael :-]
Patricia Wilton-King commented:
very moving
wanda Sheldrick commented:
very good, touching
Christopher Russon commented:
A lovely poem.
Nicho Mose commented:
new day new opportunity...use it wisely


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