poem by: Fadrian Bartley
Written on Feb 09, 2018


I looked at those bright blue eyes
And saw hidden tales I should know about,
Unfortunately I never read the story from
The pages of your best kept secrets,

Since you hardly around i never get the opportunity
To pry the wonderful things he said to you in those text messages,
Even so, there is no access to your true heart of interest
As it is coded with a password I have not known

You have stolen trust from my heart
And left none, whereas’ you might return for the rest later
And in search of finding none
You buried your own conscience alive.

I gave you the applause for the incredible role you play,
A true character for deceit, and a masterpiece of lies
It seems I arrive late for your show,
A length of the story has being played out

I go now to a place you cannot enter
It is where love exist with its true self
But first I need to find it and when I do
You will become a nightmare that frightens me, 
I have to wake up.




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