Black Sheep

poem by: Plausible X
Written on Feb 09, 2018

I found a friend
We are hard to bend
Sometimes hard headed
But friends 'till the end

We start to grow
Flying like an owl
But there's just one flaw
Others want him fall

They now have hate
I don't have to wait
Pull and save him straight
From end of the date

Front stab him but
Away from the gut
Just a little cut
With few drops of clot

None shall now peep
I became black sheep
No one might believe
But they are deceived

He despise me
I sit silently
Fake smile you will see
My mask tricking thee

I just save him
Now, I am in dim
He now shed his beam
I stare at his film


Tags: Sad, Rhyme, Depressing, Pain,


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