If I Could Run

poem by: John Salvetti
Written on Feb 08, 2018

Precipitation on my window pane - winter is how here
You think your perception of my pains correct. You say, now dear -
Eat well, get up, go for a run
Before you know it, you'll be having fun!
It's clear now you don't get it and never did.
You're like everyone else and I fear that's all anyone is.
Except me! I'm a lucky bastard.
If i could run, what would I be chasing after?
I have no target. I have no will.
Quarter century and counting, but I have nothing still.
The pressure mounting in my brain
No amount of ibuprofen will ease the pain.
Maybe I need a handful of some other medication.
Then just lay down. For a long vacation.


Tags: Sad, Depressing, Pain,


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