poem by: Fadrian Bartley
Written on Feb 07, 2018

Out of time out of space
An entity forges itself in place
From whence it came no one knows 
A countenance of grandeur, continually grows

Such power to witness all eyes can see
The dreaded presence from a bird of prey
Pure flames of fire emerge with devastation
Searching to embrace new sensation

The power between good and evil
Rampant crush are the restraining rebel
Its presence laid waste to every level
Destructive force is the universal devil

Out of balance Out of control
This bird rec havoc from generation of old
To crush and creates without the will of faith
Such power to harness is very great

Perfectly uniformed in beauty and pride
Forever immortality a thousand times it died
Yet lived again 
And continue to reign

The sound of an eagle echoes across the firmament
The mist of fire and magic to experience
Bird of deprivation 
And Guardian of creation

Spawn by a crystal
With such power that is universal
Who is able to stand in the way
Of a bird with fire stretched its wings across the milky way

To create with fire
And crush from its desire
Burn itself to death and reborn from the ashes
With extraordinary power that is quite emensive

Wings of magnificent
But fright to behold
Characteristically virulent
Unrealistically such power never foretold

Teleport itself through time and space
Because of its presence the solar laid waste
Power and might to encounter in all this
And the name of this bird is called the phoenix.


Tags: Metaphor, Dark, Imagery,


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