I am Iscariot

poem by: Rhys Aquinas
Written on Feb 02, 2018

I feel the breeze against my toes
I don't know where my soul goes
I feel the wood beneath my feet
I take a step forward, off the edge I leaped

Down I go, toward the ground
Snap! Did you hear that sound?
The rope is still in one piece, and so I choke
I find, with my neck now broke.

I am sorry, I ask that You forgive
Please, in peace may We live.
But now I hang here, swaying in the wind.
Just because against You I have sinned.

I am become Traitor Most Vile
I might see You again in a while
I am hoping that You are well
While I suffer in the Pits far below


Tags: Fear, Dark, Pain, Scary, Faith, Sad, Deep,

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Fadrian Bartley commented on Feb 02, 2018 at 9:48pm
i love this also


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