poem by: Fadrian Bartley
Written on Feb 02, 2018

There were avatars once 
Who reigned upon the earth
And avenged a city with fear
The lives of men anguish and cried in despair 

From the ruin of three witches 
Scatters a city to asunder
The art of magic to conquer
And the innocent gathered like sheep for slaughter

With all their wealth
And all their inheritance 
Hiding all their treasures
But the weird sisters refuse to leave

Furiously they yelled
Breathe not on us, o daughters of mysticism 
In your circles we refuse to abode
Spell not our name on parchment scroll

O, daughters of the dust
You travelled through time like the phoenix
You will never earn our trust
Your doings are abomination to the faiths, and justice you corrupt in a twist

Darkness is your shame
Magic is your game
Your works hidden from the light
A deed without a name

O, daughters of mischief
You stir the winds with strange enchantment
Deceitfully you transform your identity
To seduce even the king into misbeliefs 

Your beauty are like hidden treasures
The fairest of them all you called yourselves
But tampering with the universe is to 
Reward yourself with drastic measures

The night is your day, and the day is your night
You fade like the dust of the winds
Because you stolen beauty from strange magic
Destiny proclaim your end will be tragic
O, daughters of mysteries
Avatars of vengeance
You summoned even the dead
And teleport them through parallel dimension

You were created from the land that time forgot
For that reason you cannot go back
Less you perish and begin to rot
This is why you remain here in Camelot

Your dwelling are found in the center of Avalon
A city above its
 Own name
Where no strange magic can enters your domain 

Two thousand years 
And no greys are found upon your hair
You wax with age
It seems time has being kind at every stage

Children of immortality 
With you death have no sting
Like angels in their glory
But still your tales will become a sad story

For decade you are prized
Even from the land of the fairies
Stronger than avatars 
You are even stronger than Aries

Finally the mourners went their ways
And peace remain for several days
Still there are boundaries, a place and a source
Where the rules of magic adhere to its course

To a mountain the witches went
And faiths have them conspire
They fought against a wizard
And their strength was devour

No help from Avalon and faith offers no aid
They became a weakling, and their magic began to fade
Bound by a chain for a thousand years
And could only be free when drank death tears


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Dinesh Chauhan commented on Feb 02, 2018 at 5:52am


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