Hurts too much

poem by: Shaffiate Ishmael
Written on Jan 30, 2018

You left me alone standing there
Without a word to say
And you just get into his car 
And I watch him drive away

You hurt me so much
And I just stood there in the rain
I just grinned my teeth
And I just took the pain

I spend Christmas alone
And got drunk for Thanksgiving
My heart was shred to pieces
but I still had to keep on living

Now you're here telling me 
And how you miss my touch
But how can I ever forgive you
When it still hurts so much

Not only did she cheat on me
But she also rubbed it in my face
And while I was at work
She would bring him in my place

I will never forget the way he smiles
Looking at me with his evil eyes
Thinking what a fool I was
Not to see her cheating lies

Now she stands in front of me
Like a broken transmissions clutch
But how can I ever forgive her
When it still hurts so much

What goes around, comes around
My grandmother used to say
They left me a broken man
but now look who’s crying today

A man will go after a married woman
Just to cause her husband a lot of pain
and when she leaves her home with him
then she won't be excited to him again

So, he will dump her after using her body
And then move on to his next victim
Then she will call her husband crying
Saying she's sorry and she misses him

And she would ask for him to forgive her
Saying that she made a terrible a mistake
And how she's so sorry 
for the bad choices that she makes

But cheating is a choice that she made
and she has to live with it now
there is no forgiveness to be given
after you broke a wedding vow

Now she stands in front my door
Saying she wants to relight the torch
But how can I forgive her
When it hurts so much

just the thought of him kissing her
And making love to her
has made my life a living hell
Fill with agony and torture

Many nights I suffered alone 
Thinking of him getting her touch
So tell me how I can forgive her
When it still hurts so much


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