A Mosquito, a House Fly, A Spider and A Rat.

poem by: George Luis Peterson
Written on Jan 24, 2018

A mosquito, a house fly, a spider and a rat, decided to let their hair down and have a little chat.  Why couldn’t they put down their differences for maybe just a day, and learn what is like for the other for a change.  

They sat all together in a clearing of toadstools, away from prying birds and watery pools. 
Rat lead the discussion and offered some pieces of cheese, but the spider said, “Well, no thank you, but I’m unable to eat that if you please?” 
The House Fly was excited, feeling a buzz on and jumped and began to flit.  
Rat “pawed” some over to Fly and then said, “Ahh!!!!...So that’s how you eat it?”  

Mosquito’s wispy legs flared up suddenly when Rat was near, Rat said, “Hey now, don’t bite me, my dear!” Mosquito said, “Now I do like the sentiment, however, I’m not exactly a dear, for I prefer that bit of nectar from that honeysuckle, just behind your ear.”  

Mr. Mosquito grinned from fuzzy antennae to antennae, but stopped cold, when he looked into Spider’s middle left eye, and what an eye it was to behold.  

House Fly and Mosquito suddenly changed toadstool seats, setting themselves next to Rat while Spider crawled away from the sunlight heat. 

Spider noticed Mr. Mosquito’s and House Fly’s stares and retreats. But Spider said,“Don’t worry at the moment I am full, as I have already eaten ten ants, a moth and a flea.”   

“Hmm. Well, I am going to lose my hat!” Said House Fly, “What?” Joking, and says, “No flies caught up in all of that?” 
Spider said, “Don’t get flip, when you flit and twitch your hairy pate. The day is not over, but for now you two are quite safe.” 

“Look Li’l Miss Spider, I don’t really give a Sh..!” At Fly’s cursing, Miss spider winced all of her eyes, as Mr. Mosquito protested, “Shush, with that language, why look around, there are ladybugs present!” 
Rat quipped, “Come on now House Fly, everyone knows you actually do give a Sh-, LITERALLY!” You should try other foods, maybe go vegetarian or eat sushi? 

“Shh, shh, my garden friends, come hither....” Says Spider clenching her feet, “Someone else, uninvited, someone bothersome come slithers.”  

“Maybe its a worm..”, suggested Rat, “..Eating under our feet?” “Worms don’t slither..” said Spider, “...they mush about in soil and certainly don’t eat meat.”  

Spider pushed up some of her web to obscure their cozy scene. “I am afraid its A SNAKE! Everyone make scarce!!! See, HIS SCALY SHINE, with a swelling iridescent GREEN.”  

The winged ones, make victory, escaping up into space. Rat and Spider command a weeping willow branch,  leaving without a trace.  

Everyone was gone.  Suddenly, the “snake’s” tale made a weird sound. “Chk, chk, chk, whoosh. Chk, Chk, Chk whoosh.” His “scales” were green, and “he” certainly sat in a slithering-like pose. Little did they all know, that they were simply scared of a watering sprinkler and an old garden hose.  

 The End.  


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