Qwerty and Qaz

poem by: George Luis Peterson
Written on Jan 23, 2018

Qwerty and Qaz. Think its a gas.

They decide to take a walk

on their keyboard paths. 

They said to each other, " (U and I) are near each other

and we share the same view, heck we even share the same Q."

Querty and Qaz, think its for laughs, and wanted to see

Just whoever else was sitting on or off key. 

Over there they saw OP, wasn't he a character on a show?

Then they saw F and G, but they think it sounds like cussing, oops,

but how were they supposed to know. 

They went down to get a cold "tab" over rum and ice,

At the local club called CAPSLOCK, all the workers there are really nice.

Their good friend Z, has just invited them by text

She's working her first shift, she's so nice she works along side her x. 

After drinking their frothy tabs, they want to sneak into the

(Optional Command Space Bar). A thematic place to dance and meet

other key people. Where some are scary but most are sweet. 

Qwerty wants to dance as the bouncer checks their Id's.

Qwerty says "We left our I.D's at CAPSLOCK, can't we just hang in the lobb-y,

we won't be a problem Puh-leeeze???"

Qaz starts to spaz, and Qwerty starts to moan and shake.

But their friend, Z pages the bouncer over the loud speaker,

creating a diversion so then can delete this dude, because their fun is at stake!

On to the Anpercent dance floor, they figured they could get 

lost in all the numbers. One was exclaiming and singing as they danced. 

Another 3 were just pounding their feet and seem to be entranced. 

2 more were at odds because of money they stole from 4. 

Qwerty said, "This place is hoppin', but my stomach is in knots." 

Qaz said, "Yeah, and I am scared if the bouncer catches us, he 

seems like he works out and i mean LOTS!!!!" 

"We've got to end this game, and try to get back home! said Qaz,

"wait, i gotta B M," --------"WHOA... EWW" said Qaz, "TMI".

"Sorry, I should have said use the T" said Qwerty. "Uh yeah next time, 

can you go before we return here to see Z?"

"Maybe we can come later? " they both said, "but Z doesn't work any other shifts."

So they decide to take control, call a cab, and go home. 

In the cab they see their rocker friend Slash driving and they think , "all right".

Until they realize they gotta share the ride home with his buddy, Plus-minus,

Sometimes he is acts like an asterisk, But they know he's not all there. 

Counting the rows of houses, till they get to the Fteen apartments.

F12, F9, then F2 and F1.

Qwerty says good night Qaz. 

Qaz says good night Qwerty

They turn to look at Slash and Plusminus already leaving the curb and say.

"Hey bud we forgot to pay you, and our pockets are kind of light!"

Slash yells out the window , "Forgetabout it, You guys are all right!" 

Qwerty walked to his keypad, 

And Qaz did the same. 

Wondering if tomorrow 

They would do this again. 


Tags: Happy, Rhyme, Riddle, Imagery, Weird,

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Christopher Russon commented on Jan 23, 2018 at 10:52am
Good poem.excelent play on words.
George Luis Peterson commented on Jan 24, 2018 at 3:51am
I just joined. On a whim, disillusioned by the limitations of current social networking sites, I looked up google for poetry or creative new websites. "Pondrin" came up, and I looked at it and signed up immediately.
Fadrian Bartley commented on Jan 24, 2018 at 3:29pm


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