poem by: Fadrian Bartley
Written on Jan 13, 2018

At the edge of ending it all
I look below and saw that I will be a great fall
At that very same moment I hear a voice call
Offering the help I need through it all 

I think for a moment what it would have been 
If all my families no longer seen
A stupid way to end all my nightmares

When hope always being there to cast my cares
A speck of concern have a million ways to share
The first in line is to surpass your fears

But how could I when the battle is lonely
And friends of no heart will give aid unsurely
I stood at the top of a dreadful cliff

Waiting for the wind to give me a lift 
But it never came
And the suicide attempt was put to shame 

A hateful voice whisper in my ears
Trying to poison my mind with fears
With words such as why must I live
Because I have something precious to give


Tags: Sad, Depressing, Confused, Hope, Dark,


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poem by Fadrian Bartley

At the edge of ending it all I look below a... Read more