poem by: Fadrian Bartley
Written on Jan 12, 2018

Life become my prison wall
That builds itself around my presence
I am not free, and like a bird I cannot fly
But tangled beyond life beautiful essence
Dreams and goals seems far away
And all these obstacles are in my way
A time to shine might never be
The fear of failure made its decree

Unable to climb, unable to shine
The effort to proceed is just a little time
A journey I take but will I reach?
My purpose in life I continued to seek,
A place I called not my home
A wretched state of bitter dome,
Enemies found within one roof
The life I live have its proof,

The need to go there and fro
I seek more faith so I can grow,
The hateful essence of this solitude
Is a humble heart without gratitude
I find no air to breathe
With this state of life I remain here only to feed,
Life lessons teaches I bare them all
It is very hard to understand life’s call,
Timid regret from past mistakes
As become the error of pointless case,
Doubt kills hope from all angles, 
And within this state I am still tangled,


Tags: Fear, Hope, Depressing, Faith, Rhyme, Sad,


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