All You Have To Do Is Try

poem by: Ronell Warren Alman
Written on Jan 10, 2018

The path that you are on 
May indeed be filled with pitfalls 
But, you must be strong
Learn to stand up tall 
Rise up to the challenge 
And embrace the journey 
Go through those dark clouds 
In order for you to see
All you have to do is try
Believe that you can
Just put your heart into everything
That should be your master plan
Continue to march on
And rise above every mountain 
Carry out your mission 
Stay driven from within 
Be the one to never give up hope
Strike with a power source 
Yes, it is an arduous situation
Have a vision along with a tender force 
The battle will test you 
Show them that you have the fire 
Just push right on through 
And continue to reach higher 


Tags: Rhyme, Inspirational, Encouraging, Hope, Wishful,


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