poem by: John Pegg
Written on Jan 10, 2018

I loved you for a lifetime.
Which you and I both know.
But in a moment of madness my damnation I sowed.
Anger stirred by a few exchanged bitter words.
Then spurred on by an adrenaline rush,
I gave you nought but a little push.
And down these stairs you fell.
With scarce a scream lay a shattered dream.
For me a gateway opened up to Hell.
And though I cry there you lie.
With a broken neck; a crumpled wreck.
There's no good reason I can tell.
Loving you was overwhelming,
Leaving me both deaf and blind.
A bitter love written in your blood.
Me, a craven, black raven; a tragedy.
Not for us love birds, two turtle doves.
In my grief I sought eternal sleep.
But this is not what I would find.
So now I weep and wail but to no avail.
For our bodies in rest can never lie.
On burning coals, two tormented souls.
Of flesh born, but entities powerless to die.
This house is haunted, in it our wraiths dwell.
Perpetually acting out this tragedy.
You and me caught in an evil spell. 


Tags: Fear, Pain, Scary, Anger, Sad,

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Frank byrne commented on Jan 11, 2018 at 10:29am intriguing ghostly tale John........I liked it......


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