How do you encapture true love

poem by: ~¥~ Dragonz ~¥~
Written on Jan 10, 2018

How do you...

Measure it's quality?
Meaure the level of determination?
The whole mind/body devotion?

The heart swilling you about in it's stormy sea of emotion can be treacherous but also empowering
Love is letting go of yourself, learning how to relinquish your body and soul to the love of your life completely
Like your eyes covered entirely by a blindfold  and all other senses such as hearing and smell switched off whilst letting him lead you to your fated destination
But to get there, you must hand your life over to him and just trust that he will land you on safe ground
How hard to eradicate fear, knowing that you must let him get you through shark-infested waters then let him lead you through a lion's den full of hungry man-eating cats with hunger swarming in their eyes
Can he run fast enough to save you?
Be strong enough?
Be brave enough to save you?

Be in love with you enough to risk his own life to save yours?
Just to be part of your life forever

How do you measure a man?

By his form? - his muscles?
His height?
Or by his heart? - shining himself in love's light - proving that the love he feels for you is real?
Though want or need? - kissing with a slow burning desire
His mouth on fire as he tastes every part of you intimately
Taking his time to pleasure you as you begin to understand his desires and blend them together  to form your own unique brand of heaven

That is love
Love is measured by the level of real desire
Attention to detail as he stares deep into your eyes, searching through your soul
Love is interest
Love is him taking the time to discover your wants, likes - what makes you tick - and if he's good he won't ever need to ask 

A real man is measured by how much effort, interest and dedication he puts in to finding your essence
Finding happiness in your smile
Showing you that his happiness revolves around your joy and contentment

Love can be measured - but only in it's truest form for only true love can be bottled for it's flavor 
A flavor that both of you will be attuned to for the rest of your lives
A flavour extremely rare and unique to those basking in the glow of real love...the ones that have managed to find the love of their life and measure that love against the test of time
Against forever
And still they have an ample supply left over
If they are strong enough hell...the love they encaptured together will never run out


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