22 years gone - 11 January 2018

poem by: ~¥~ Dragonz Dead ~¥~
Written on Jan 09, 2018

I won't be found, at all around
the 11th of this month
For it is on that day she passed away
and I'll be feeling pretty rough 
I thought I'd post something that I wrote
a year after she died
I wrote it myself 1 year after she died 
I still remember the words 21 years after I wrote it

(In memory of my beautiful mother who died aged 41)


"A year has passed since you've been gone
Yet still we have to carry on
Alone, without your love and care
just knowing that you won't be there
The little things that mothers do
we took for granted as people do
In our hearts and minds you'll stay
to guide us through this, every day"


(I miss you and think of you every single day - so until the day we'll meet as one, I'll continue to miss my beautiful mum)


Tags: Happy, Sad, Love, Rhyme, Faith, Inspirational, Depressing, Encouraging, Pain, Hope, Wishful,

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Frank byrne commented on Jan 09, 2018 at 4:05pm
.....such a beautiful poem....a lovely tribute to your mum........I lost my mum to cancer in 1978.....you never stop thinking about your mum......I've wrote many poems about her...it helps with the pain...pain that I still feel........good luck...
~¥~ Dragonz Dead ~¥~ commented on Jan 09, 2018 at 5:48pm
Thank you...yes cancer too...melanoma to be exact Worst time of my life and I've had some really bad times over the years Her death tops them all Last breath Horrific Memory for me Thanks for commenting x
~¥~ Dragonz Dead ~¥~ commented on Jan 09, 2018 at 5:50pm
I never write about her...this is the first time and its a copy of something I wrote before Incidently I never dream of her either...somehow Im angry about that


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