poem by: Curious Learner
Written on Jan 06, 2018

Our first sight, I was just flattered
It seemed a bluff and not mattered
So just put my feelings shattered
Next day felt the same verve
Looking at you withheld my nerve
Thinking about u all day
Was going mad all the way
My feelings ,I decided to ban
When mingled I just became your fan
Started loving the conversations
Loaded with craziness,flirtations
Everyday your hand waived
For which my heart craved
I think my cupid did its job
I hope your heart would also throb
I fell in love!
Just then the real story started
Slowly you parted
You found somebody else
My heart melts
With the heat of your pain
All my love went in vain
You made me your queen
You disappeared!
Now I need someone to lean......
Because I'm broken into pieces
Left me alone my heart ceases
I can see your changes
Slowly becoming strangers
Never understood my fault
All your memories I just wanna halt
May be never deserved you
Yet ,
My thoughts always flew
Lingering around you
STILL ,my heart beats for U.....
STILL, I am WISTFUL of U.......
STILL , I am WISTFUL of U..........


Tags: Depressing, Rhyme, Love, Sad, Pain,


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