poem by: Jim Kilduff
Written on Jan 05, 2018

Shoes all crumpled and squeezed
Why can't you ever do as I please?
Don't you know that it is a sorry sight
To say that I possess you it gives me a fright!
And also passers by so respect yourselves 
Or else out of my bag and onto the shelf!

Shoes all disheveled and stressed
I've spent many hours to make you look your best
Your demeanour is forlorn
I'm sorry but you'll no longer be worn
That €10 I paid for you, I might've guessed
You are my mirror image threadbare and stressed.
Shoes all pockmarked with holes
My feet are in agony from your dire souls
No longer admire your colourful bows.
See I've got dreams like dreamers do
I can't call it a dream if I'm wearing you.
But I will keep you thats for sure
In your cardboard coffin not as a memory
But as a reminder to next time spend wisely.


Tags: Humor, Rhyme, Beat, Hope,

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Christopher Russon commented on Jan 05, 2018 at 11:00pm
Very well written this one.humerous.
Ari J commented on Jan 18, 2018 at 8:01am
Like it!!


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