Tomorrow Can Always be a Better Day

poem by: Martyn Richardson
Written on Dec 30, 2017

Tomorrow can always be a better day, 
Some once said this to me, along the way. 

But as each day arrives, it’s just the same. 
Me having to live with life’s little game. 

I’m sure ‘THAT’ tomorrow is out there, somewhere waiting for me. 
But at the moment I am still not free. 

Maybe next week, next month or next year. 
I tell myself be patient, and I say it with a tear. 

I fear my time is fast passing by
And that better day is now just a lie. 

This path I’ve been given, I don’t understand 
Not for me to question, I’m just part of a plan. 

I hope that day comes soon and I’m sorry, I don’t mean to moan. 
I’m just getting tired and old, and still feeling all alone


Tags: Deep, Confused, Sad,


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