looks for fake love

poem by: Nemees ❤️
Written on Dec 28, 2017

pout more
they like to see you try,
smile less
but when you do,
make it sparkle

Make them 
Love you
make them drool

Pose that way
show your skin
low cut t-shirts
bootie shorts

they say they love you
so you eat
all of the attention 

The Internets 
every post you make
telling you 
your gorgeous

you crave these 
masked fans' approval
those likes
and follows
like they are drugs

wanting to believe 
that this is real
that people love you

but then you turn around
to see the flesh and bone
and you realize
life isn't the internet 
you cant talk
or look
or befriend a real
human being

so pose for that camera
get addicted on this fakeness
continue lock yourself in your room
with the hundreds of followers
and the tv
as your only friends


Tags: Sad, Love, Inspirational, Depressing, Confused, Encouraging, Pain, Hope, Dark, Imagery, Abstract, Wishful, Deep,


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