The seekers

poem by: Ana Zolkina
Written on Dec 25, 2017

Tonight I'm gonna be the one
Of many seekers,
Who have no proper reason to go home.
I'll drink my rum,
Glance in the golden windows
Of the bar some friend once made me know. 
I'm one of them who have no place to go
And nobody is waiting on the corner 
To come and say:"Hey, you are not alone!"
I always am. That is the biggest problem. 
This night is long. No flittering away.
It's like a snail without moving towards
Until the sunrise brings another day.
We will be stuck with our thoughts and sorrows. 
What we are searching,
For ages stays the same:
Some dodgy way to fool dishonest game 
That is called the life. 
We lie, we cheat, we bluff
With no result of love 
Or any other blesding. 
However we continue progressing 
To sink in disappointment and fear. 
Eventually, we end up comming here,
To some bar, to sit alone and drink. 
The seekers, who don't know what they seek.


Tags: Sad, Metaphor, Depressing, Imagery,

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Christopher Russon commented on Dec 26, 2017 at 10:47am
Lovely poem.i know the feeling.
Ana Zolkina commented on Dec 26, 2017 at 8:36pm
Thanks, Christopher!😀


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