Of Suffering and Pain

poem by: Aditya Bharadwaz
Written on Dec 24, 2017

Millions of voices which perished before all sing a song in vain,
Ever so melancholic it's a reminder of an immortal entity called pain.  

Like a weed it grows in a flash in the fertile lands of unconditional love,
It creeps its way up till there's only darkness in your skies up above. 

Killing yourself my friend doesn't kill pain but only you'll end up being dead,
For when you kill yourself the pain doesn't end there, it is passed on to your beloved.

But with every virus there sure is a way to flush it down the drain,
The more you let go of it, the less you pass it on and that is how we win over pain.



Tags: Happy, Sad, Rhyme, Faith, Inspirational, Encouraging, Dark, Abstract, Weird, Wishful,

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Frank byrne commented on Dec 24, 2017 at 7:36pm
Encouraging poem Aditya..........


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Of Suffering and Pain

poem by Aditya Bharadwaz

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