poem by: Alice Inwonderland
Written on Dec 21, 2017

Mass metallic blue surrounds,
Icicle cold, beneath the clouded sky,
A depth unable to capture,
A seamless, timeless eye.

Watching as we weep,
Our tears fill up her brim, 
Gushing, rushing water,
Her heart calls out within.

Flowing through the mountains,
Touching each earth and rock,
No space left empty passing,
Her ever-running clock.

A beauty in its glory,
Standing on the edge,
Looking through the mirror,
In this ocean funneled ledge.

Such stories to uphold,
Within her whirlwinds silver,
From the tiny sands of time,
The great fathomless river.

A mother screams out a name,
A wave blows through her ache,
But on the other side,
The sun glistens on her face.

For her oceans stretch is vast and hard,
An ironic beauty in ways,
Storms and floods on one hand,
Sunshine and falls still stay.

A boy creeps over the bridge,
Below his reflection is gone,
A world above unwanted,
The one below unknown...

The waves they crash unabated,
No fear in an object so large,
No pain or heart too bothersome,
For this ocean to take its charge.

And in the morning, when the clouds depart,
And a gush becomes but a trickle,
The ocean it rests only for a moment,
Such is her unnatural fickle.

But a secret about this beauty,
For all her darkened days,
This ocean breaks her lonely heart,
In such inexplicable ways.

You see her temperament is based, upon the world she sees,
One day a warmth of laughter breezes,
Through her cold and hardened cheek,
But only a whisper of warmth it takes, to break her unbreakable freeze.

But another day of sadness consumes,
Her battered and worrisome mind,
Watching as her friends call out,
And lash amidst her cries.


Tags: Abstract, Imagery, Pain, Metaphor, Sad,


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