The Music of Our Lives

poem by: Nemees ❤️
Written on Dec 15, 2017

like the stereos 
in the bedrooms of
unknown teenagers
hearts beat
to the songs
that hum along side them
each singing a different tune
each playing a different song
silently but so loud 
at the same time

Like a the sting
the thoughts in their minds
come in many different tunes
many different shapes
and sizes
looks and colors
all playing a different tune
all playing a different song

Like the jazz that fills
the cafe where she works
people swiftly come
and can go
like they weren't there
or they can go
like a sudden stop of a song
loud, then all so quiet at the same time

like the drums that 
play in the marching band
kids get instructed to be a certain way
to march to the beat 
of everyone around them
even though they want the opposite
they know that they are the foundation
of everyone around them
and when the foundation
gets out of beat
everything crumbles
 to the ground

like the cars
on the road
with their windows down
and their music way too loud
we don't know where we are going
we don't know why 
we are going for this trip
we were just placed on the road 
with the name of life
so we blare our music
take in the sights
and drive
we drive and drive
and pick up people along the way
all with a different taste of music
so the playlists are made
and we just sing along to each song
like we don't care about tomorrow

because like music
we go on
we tell stories, 
without saying a word
we start and end 
faster then you would like
so we keep putting the song on replay 
trying to live with each note
each bar
each beat

we dance to the music of life
and even though we cannot choose the songs
that play on the radio
we can write the songs
that make out life great

we can change the station

we can buy more music

we can choose the songs to live by
because we are not a broken record

we were told we were and so we never tried to change it

play the music
how you like it



Tags: Hope, Encouraging, Riddle, Metaphor, Inspirational, Beat, Love, Happy, Imagery, Abstract, Deep,

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Frank byrne commented on Dec 17, 2017 at 2:10pm
I can't imagine life without music!.....🎶.....good poem...


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