unlike others

poem by: Sunshine E
Written on Dec 07, 2017

Loosing you
I'm terrified of
but minutes 
and miles
aren't what im afraid of
im scared
that one day
you will meet someone
im afraid that one day you will wake up
and not feel the same 
as i feel to you
i know i shouldnt be so
but happiness
is what you brought me
just like countless 
of others
but unlike 
countless of others
are not 
hurting me
healing me
and im afraid of loosing you
because your hugs are 
like drugs
where they help
but can be addictive
im afraid that 
like countless of others
you will leave me to withdraw
and cold
but unlike countless of others
make me smile
and feel
unlike others
you do not hurt me
so i am sorry
but im gonna mess up
im gonna be scared
im gonna question a lot
or i may ignore
but unlike others
you listen
your patient
and im sorry
but im gonna fight for you
im gonna get up
each morning
im gonna love you
and hold on tight to you
because i have hope
that maybe
you are unlike
all of the countless 

you are


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