State of Play

poem by: Paddy Clegg
Written on Dec 02, 2017

We live in a world that makes no sense
But ignorance is no defence
If everyone chose to turn a blind eye
Then we’d have to kiss the world goodbye

For instance, when you watch TV
And see the flaws of humanity
That goggle box that sits in the corner
Turns you into a long distance mourner

Take account of lives that are lost
And the pointless financial cost
The tally that’s totalled serves no purpose
Just one life lost does damage to us

Confused, I really cannot see the gain
When one person causes another one pain
And yet this is done on such a grand scale
And as spectators we fall short and fail

We hang on to reason tightly
Damage is done to the global psyche
Because without some form of distraction
We are forced to face our inaction

The words from those who should know best
Are getting increasingly harder to digest
I can’t help but think they are out of their mind
We’re being led astray by the blind

We live out our lives as if nothing’s wrong
Singing the words of a charity song
And all the while from what I can tell
Society is spiralling down into hell


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Jazz Force commented on Dec 03, 2017 at 3:56pm
Inspirational & foreboding..


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