Need a title

poem by: Paddy Clegg
Written on Dec 02, 2017

I’m a speck of light surrounded by dark
Compared to the sun I’m just a spark
I’m insignificant in the extreme
So out of sight I’ll never be seen

On the beach I’m just one grain of sand
In the string of life I’m just a strand
I count for less than I’ll ever know
One of those people that just come and go

I’ve felt fire that chills and ice that scolded
Written on paper that couldn’t be folded
Travelled to the stars without leaving the ground
Laughed at danger without making a sound

I’ve seen the beginning and knew it was the end
Broken the rules because they wouldn’t bend
I’m a solo musician in a band
I’m as solid as a rock made of sand

Fire and brimstone in a world of ice
I’m bound by Fate to be naughty but nice
Although I was created I’ve yet to be made
I count for nothing but am open for trade


Tags: Rhyme, Beat, Imagery, Abstract,


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