poem by: John Salvetti
Written on Nov 28, 2017

The skies are blue, but I am too.
I can only tell you half of those facts.
If I tell you the whole of this hole in my soul,
you may run away and that would be that.
I am thin on the outside but inside I am fat.
The stairs make me windier than Chicago City.
But you’re the breeze and I breathe fresh air into me.
I am scared; I’m excited.
But I feel I’m already indicted 
for the crime of thinking I could have it all;
that I would just show up and we both would fall.
But there’s a wall - and it’s tall - and I crawl right toward it.
I would run but my legs betray - they love to see me thwarted.
Maybe one day I will get this sorted.
But the days pass and they sigh,
wondering why when they see me, I cry.
And I try - to leave it behind.
In a bind - constricted by my inner turmoil.
I’m trying to grow in this soil,
but this takes seasons to grow,
and I’m needing to know - now,
if this will blossom into what I need - somehow.


Tags: Fear, Hope, Confused, Metaphor, Rhyme, Love, Wishful,

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Christopher Russon commented on Nov 28, 2017 at 5:12pm
I really like your style of rhyming.Excelent poem John.


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