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poem by: Anonymous Poet98
Written on Nov 27, 2017

An uneasy feeling dwelling on my soul
Making me numb from head to toe.
I'm lying on my own bed
searching for a place to call home.
I'm never happy 
Nor I'm sad
I'm in a place unknown to all.
But I don't understand, oh why ?
I get a lot of "talk to people it heals your mind".
And everytime I open my mouth 
I get dismissed as merely an attention seeker 
But I have people who loves me more than enough
To last more than one lifetime 
Still somehow my mind gets messed up all the time.
I'm drowning deep underneath, unable to breathe
Don't pull me out, I'm accustomed to this.
They ask me what's wrong ?
I fidgets and twist my hair and stutter 
My mind running a mile a minute
I keep searching but can't grasp a thing
Oh god , I don't know , I don't know 
"I don't know" finally I utter.
Maybe I was born this way
A sad girl with hopes higher than the sky.
Maybe no one but I'm to blame 
For trying to reach a place 
That isn't even real.
Why blame him, for the place I'm in ?
Yes he broke my heart
But I'm not that fragile to die for someone else.
I'm selfish is all I can say.
What do you expect ??
I'm only Human.


Tags: Sad, Love, Pain, Dark, Weird, Deep,

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Frank byrne commented on Nov 27, 2017 at 5:41pm
In your case it's wise to be selfish.....think only of strong...powerful poem..
Anonymous Poet98 commented on Nov 27, 2017 at 6:28pm
Thanks Frank Byrne.
Janet Vick commented on Dec 02, 2017 at 10:55am
A place inside where the numbness has control for a while and we ponder and wonder if we can and will move beyond this phase. Words I can relate to as I have been in that place a time or to myself. Lots of emotions released in these words. Take care and trust in yourself. Janet


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